Estate of María Félix is a Mexican company that promotes the exaltation of the image of María Félix, as well as a reflection of the cultural legacy that the diva built up throughout her life, a legacy that for years has made Mexicans proud, and one that is widely recognized, both inside and outside the country.

María Félix is ​​an endearing name that inspires admiration, mystery, passion. It is a characteristic icon of both urban and rural Mexico that forms part of our collective historical memory, which is why any interpretation, or adaptation, of its identity must be carried out with great care, whilst at the same time being faithful to the essence, memory and history of the name.

The mission of Estate of María Félix is to project the extent of her image, as well as the real importance and relevance of the latter, showing its timelessness reflected in its unquestionable adaptability to the demands of today’s markets. Thus, we professionalize the name María Félix through its visual and conceptual identity, transforming it into a brand embodying all its advantages, obligations and rights.

Interested investors can now make marketing plans taking into account some of the commercial items with availability for name use or trademark registration. For more detailed information, please click on the following link:

We believe that María Félix can become a trend, an enduring brand in constant expansion. We are committed to continually strive in order to achieve the recognition of the significance of its past, its present and its future.

We are well aware that at the heart of every brand lie both its purpose and its identity; that being assertive regarding its definition, management and representation are the deciding factors that will contribute to its future prosperity.